Friday, September 10, 2010

Weeeeeeoooooooooooooo Life

Hello bloggy!! Im super sorry i neglected you for a year...So much's been going on...Oh well guess what i miss you kayh! Anywhoo just to update you in that one year that i left you so much has happened...Ahaha i mean i met a whole lot of new friends...and sort of hung out with them most of form 5. And drama happened so yea..were not that close d.. I also met someone special in January...and he is super not what i expected to happen to me..Oh well so yea..long story short we dated..and can i say ryte..atleast im not a bitch who got with him...I am sooo glad i have friends like Nisshta,Isaac,Sharanie,Rayvin,Kasvena,Charmaine,Prabu and many more..Gosh when I went through hell they were there for me..I m super sorry guys when you warned me i never listened..Oh well in life you've got to fall into a hole to know you'll never fall into that same hole again :)

Other,than that...Gosh i feel so not Pumped up for SPM at all..I cant believe i suck at studying la..Ishhh..its super annoying..I want a brain of a *WILLIAM or ANUSHINI* ahaha...shiekssssssss!! Other than is a very boring im going to continue making it boring by going and studying :) ahahha..My dad is actually screaming at me cause i spend half my life on FACEBOOK!! and not on the actual book :P ehhehehe...okok..for once i'll make him happy by going and studying for 2 hours :) hehe THAT IS alot for me kayh :) ahahha anyways so im back and will be back for more..:)

The pics just for fun kayh :) aahahhahaha

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Break Away..:)

HEy everyone!!! I am super duper sorry about my lazyness to update my blog...A bit the bum bum la...:) ahaha anyways..I just wanna say that its Freaking Spm year you know! Gosh..I cant believe i am 17...It so does not feel like it...The only thing on my mind now..Is getting Spm over and done with..:) ahaha....I wanna go on a one week or atleast a 5 day trip out of this city!!! I wanna be able to lay peacefully on the beach..and just enjoy the breeze and watch the sunset...drink coconut with either my friends...or a special person..:)

Oh yea..btw...speaking of a special person...My whole life I've been single ;) hehehe and I dunt think its a weird or its a big loss...:) i just feel that the right one hasn't come :) ehehe owh and too the guys I rejected..if you ever read my blog..i just wanna apologise to you...cause i really did not wanna hurt your feelings...its just that i did not feel the same about you..:) You always know that we can be friends anytime :) ahahhaa...Okay So...that is all i have for now...I'll try and update sooner kay.. :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Missing Them....:(

OMg!!! It all started on Sun...It was my sis 21st and Ian,Daryl,Patricia,Mervyn,Calvin came...then we had so much fun...had some sleeping episodes in the car..and then the next day we all had to go to Kajang which is Ian and Daryl's home. And also where the rest of them lived... They had a massive party which was just awsome... Me, my sis nisha,ame,my bro dharan,and my cuz mitchelle stayed over. The party ended at 7 a.m the next morning. we went to bed at 6 a.m. Then at about 10 a.m my sis amy and cuz mitchelle left. It was me,younger bro and sis nisha left.. Then we woke up at bout 1 p.m. we went down and had delicious appam made by Aunty Maggie. Then we lepak in the hall..While waiting for darryl and Ian to wake up. Mervyn did not sleep all he was talking with us in the hall..then Darryl and Ian washed up and came down,round 3. Then we chit chat summore and went mamak...:)

Came back from mamak session we sat down and talked...then uncle and Aunty came back from a funeral...they sat down to have their late lunch..we sat with them....talked then...Darryl decided to take us to Kajang Church to play in the park and chill..We went,changed and fetched Kevin. then we reached there...we played badminton,football and rugby...Then the game which we really played like a match was captain ball...and Our team won( Me,Daryl,Alma,and Kevin)...we had so much fun it was 10-7...nice match..then we made our way home. Came home took shower..and Mervyn,alma and pat went home to do the same..they bought chinese food.. Then we all had dinner together..and then also a session of Family Joke time which went on till 12 p.m. ahahahahah it was awsome..Then they went back..and it was me, dharan,nisha, daryl and Ian left.

We went to Daryl and Ian's room to chill. I shared a bed wid Daryl. Nisha and dharan and Ian shared one bed..We watched the goals of MU and Man city game last week..then..we started talking and laughing again...and Then we went on till 2.30 and then my younger bro would not sleep if we we had to go to bed.. Then I had to leave Daryl and go as well..:( I did not want to sleep knowing that I would be going back the next day... but had to la...

And uncle Kuttan sent us this morning, And until now they are all I actually think about. I am missing them so much day was just so down..even now I just feel so separated....I wanna run back to Kajang and Give all of them a big hug and Kiss and stay there and not come back...

Gosh I love you ppl laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....YOu are the best cousins in the WOrld....

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A very special person

This is Jilly... She is funny,cute,adorable in all her pics...and she is a helpful friend...more like a big sister. I just wanna thank her in my blog.. She is more like a lifesaver...she helped me realised some stuff i did not know were the stupid things i did...She is encouraging and helped me when I was going through shitty and bad days...I just wanna thank her from the bottom of my heart. THANK YOU JILLy!!! hahaha... this is a funny yet cute pic of her..dun kill me Jilly...:):)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bob's Late Night Band!!

Well first of all I would Like to say I miss them so much. It was such a fun and challenging experience I had with them. All of them are so talented.... The leaders of our group are Gordon and Patrick...They are both Vocalist. Then we have Our guitarist, we have two electric guitarist one is Ranjit(daniel), and Bob(brendan) they are both gud. Owh and we have an acoustic guitarist name Joselyn..she is truly a nice person...Ummm Owh and we have bass he is Usop (joseph) he is funny and his accent is funny too... Okay moving on we have two AMAZING is Matthew(kishan) and the other is Brandon(john). our pianist is Christine and accompanied by Johnathan. Then we have Amanda another lead singer, and for backup its Me,My sis(christine), Nicky(nicole) and lastly Sherman!!! I have introduce here are the pictures of our journey together as a Band...I can cry just seeing it...:)

WeLL We love our bread, We love our butter but MOST of all We LOVe Each Other..:)